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The Avionaut Pixel PRO 2.0C is an improved version of the Pixel Pro model. Once it has been placed in the car, you can move ahead with confidence. The clever design and innovative EPP material allow the vehicle to absorb overloads and shocks in the event of an unexpected accident on the road, effectively protecting small passengers. 


The Avionaut Pixel PRO 2.0 C seat has also been recommended by AGR, which is the German Association for a Healthy Back. Thanks to an insert designed with the contribution of physicians and physiotherapists, it ensures the correct positioning of the child. This not only affects the health of the spine, but also improves breathing mechanics and reduces the risk of reflux.


Weighing only 2.5kg makes it the most lightweight infant carrier on the market!


The safety of the youngest travellers is guaranteed by a correct installation of the seat. This is what we offer with the IQ 2.0 C base, and what is more, its correct installation that is very easy. 


Designed with a further 4deg angle to ensure the perfect fit in every car, regardless of sloped vehicle seats. 

Just attach the base to the ISOFIX fixing points and place the child seat on it. Isn't that easy? 


The IQ 2.0 C base from Avionaut is a very versatile base. Designed by engineers to fit most backseats of cars. This makes it easier to move between cars or to quickly fit the child seat into a taxi. 


The IQ 2.0 C base fits several of our child seat models: Pixel PRO 2.0 C, Cosmo, AeroFIX 2.0 C and AeroFIX RWF 2.0 C.


Please note this base is not compatible with the Pixel Pro (previous model).

Avionaut Pixel Pro 2.0C + IQ 2.0C Isofix Base