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The Beyond base makes it super easy to install your Beyond seat by clicking the ISOfix arms on the base into the ISOfix attachment points in your car. Fits all BeSafe Beyond car seats, both infant and toddler seat. It is extremely lightweight, yet still beyond durable as the materials we have used in the construction can hold and protect a child up to 125 cm and 22 kg in a crash. This base has a rotation fuction allowing you to rotate the seat towards the car door for easy access. It also has a "spirit level" that makes it possible to always install the seat with the correct and comfortable angle, independent on the angle of the car interior seat.


State of the art safety

  • Use with all seats of the Beyond car seat system from 40 to 125 cm and up to 22 kg
  • Unique materials and revolutionary construction for a robust yet lightweight base
  • Two-action buttons for ISOfix release for additional safety
  • Visual indicators providing feedback about correct installation.
  • Smart blocking mechanism prevents early forward facing.
  • Allows your child to travel rear facing (five times safer) until they are around 6 years old. (When used with the Beyond or Beyond 360 car seat sold seperately)

BeSafe Beyond Base

Stock expected July 2024
  • Only to be used with BeSafe Go Beyond, Beyond or Beyond 360 car seats

    • Ensures correct angle on the seat: This spirit level (Universal Level Technology™) ensures that you are always able to install the seat with the correct angle, independent of the type of car you are using.
    • Extra leg space possible: A handle on the front brace of the base allows you to adjust the leg space for older children by tilting the front brace.
    • Rotation base: The base has a rotation function, making it easy for you to rotate the seat towards the car door for easy access when buckling up or unbuckling your child.
    • Attached with ISOfix: The base is easily attached to the ISOfix attachment points in your car by clicking in the ISOfix arms. Our tip is to always install and de-install the seat with the seat detached from the base. This makes it easier to maneuver and see what you are doing.
    • Detaching the seat: By pulling this handle, you can easily remove the seat from the base. If you have two cars, you can have one base in each car and only move the seat between cars with a simple click.
    • Adjust the length of support leg: Push this handle to adjust the length of the support leg to be correct for the seat angle.

    Max. weight:  22 kg (with Beyond or Beyond 360 car seat)

    Age: Approx.  0 - 6 years*

    Installation: ISOfix

    Direction: Rear facing or forward facing

    Approved: UN R129 (61-105 cm i-Size, 105-125 cm specific vehicle)