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how to choose a car seat

car seats are not 'one size fits all' and lots of factors go into choosing the best one for your child

we've put together this handy guide to help you choose the correct car seat for your little one

gather key information

it's super important to know the child's height, weight and age as well as the vehicle make and model that the car seat will be fitted into before starting to look for a car seat.

the child's percentile is handy to know too to decide whether you need a seat which allows for a higher weight limit or taller back length.

usually a child over 50th percentile for height or weight would benefit more from a 23kg+ seat to ensure they reach a safe booster age before they hit the weight or height limit

choose a group or stage

newborn - infant carrier with a carry handle or a suitable 'from birth onwards' rear facing seat

toddler - rear facing with a 5 point harness up to 18kg or 25kg depending on child's height and weight

child - high back booster using the adult seatbelt (minimum 5 years old to ensure bone maturity and correct positioning)

what features do you need?

does the seat have supportive inserts for small babies/newborns? Look for adjustable and removable inserts as they grow


does little one nap in the car? consider a seat with good recline


do you move the seat between cars? pick a seat with quick fitting or helpful features to aid with installation

Screenshot 2023-01-15 at 16.10.59.png
check the fit in your car

try the seat in your car to check it fits both physically and that it allows enough space for other passengers and is easy to adjust as the child grows

remember to check your vehicle manual as only certain car seat groups can be used in certain positions of the car. For example: usually in a car with 7 seats, the very back row is only suitable for high back booster car seats.

Some cars do not allow any car seat to be fitted in the middle seat.

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