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Extended rear facing 23kg+

These seats are the most flexible in terms of taking your child to a safe booster age, giving them plenty height and growing room in the seat, offering huge amounts of legroom and fitting in pretty much any car!

The maximum weight for a child in these seats is up to 23, 25 or 36kg! Most children will reach 6 years old before they outgrow these seats meaning they are the most cost effective and will last until a safe age to move to the final stage of car seat - a High Back Booster.


Lots of them can be as compact or more compact than isofix/spin seats too. 
We've fit many of these seats in even the smallest cars - Fiat 500, Mini Cooper, Beetle!

We always try to recommend one of these seats to all children as they are the safest and longest lasting but definitely the best option for those children who are bigger or taller than average. 

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