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Axkid Connect – the safety pad that helps you stay close to your child  

  • Alerts when the car temperature needs to be adjusted, when your child has been seated in the car seat for too long or if your child is left alone in the car  
  • Fits in all different types and brands of infant car seats, child car seats, and booster seats on the market  
  • IOS (iPhone) and Android compatible and easily connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth 
  • Integrated with the free Axkid Connect APP for easy access to manuals, product descriptions and installation movies 

Easy for you as a parent and an extra safety for your child 

Axkid Connect is a unique product designed to save lives and protect children from hyperthermia or heatstroke and from being left alone in the car. Heatstroke in cars is more common than one might think, and every year incidents occur where children become overheated due to being left unattended in hot cars.

With its highly sensitive (integrated) sensors, the safety pad helps you as a parent to be close to your child throughout the trip and detect circumstances that are not safe for your child.  

Compatible with all car seats and infant carriers 

Axkid Connect is a super slim safety pad that is placed in your child’s car seat. It is comfortable for your child, easy for you to use and can be easily switched between different cars. Since it fits in all different types of infant car seats, child car seats, and booster seats on the market, it can be used for a long period of time and even shared with others.  


Axkid Connect